How to get from Huacachina to Nazca by bus

Huacachina and Nazca are two cities located to the south of Peru. These places are a mandatory stop if you are heading to Cusco and you need to stop to recharge energy but also want to see some cool things at the same time.

Keep reading to find out the best way to get from Huacachina to Nazca by bus, we´ll tell you the best options for you and also we´ll recommend some activities you can´t miss when you get to the charming and little city of Nazca.

There are two ways to get to Nazca from Huacachina:

A trip from Huacachina to Nazca by bus takes approximately 2.5 hours. There are 2 ways of getting to Nazca by bus.

  • Take a taxi from Huacachina (it´s approximately 20 minutes away) to the city of Ica. Once in Ica you have to go to the bus station, the most popular is Peru Bus. There you can get your ticket to Nazca. Buses leave every 15 minutes. Remember that if you choose the public bus option from Ica, it will drop you off at the agency’s bus terminal. From there you will have to take a taxi to the place you want to go .
  • The other option is to go in a Peru Hop bus. This is a direct trip but there are a couple of lovely spots along the way, like the incredible Nazca lines viewpoint, so you can see the Nazca lines for free. It’s a stop worth making before reaching Nazca.These incredible and exclusive stops are only found free with Peru Hop.

With Peru Hop you can travel by bus in a very comfortable style, with semi-bed seats, which come with USB ports for all passengers. They will arrive at their destinations like new; fresh and fully recharged. After having properly rested knowing that our buses go at an appropriate pace to ensure your safety. With 24/7 GPS tracking our drivers do not exceed the speed limit and do not make unauthorized stops along the way.

Although Nazca is a small city, it has some interesting places you can visit. Here we list some of the most popular attractions you can’t miss while you are there.

  1. Nazca Lines:These more than 2000-year-old geoglyphs drawn in the middle of the desert, whose origin is unknown until now, are one of the main Nazca attractions. Don´t forget that if you take the Peru Hop bus you will see the Nazca lines for free.
  2. Visit the Cantalloc aqueducts:These aqueducts built with stones and huarango trunks are a work of art of hydraulic engineering. Its origin is attributed to the Nazca culture, who built this system to transport water. What is surprising is that currently 32 of the 46 existing aqueducts are in use to provide water to crops and to the city of Nazca itself.
  3. cantalloc aqueduct

  4. Cantalloc walls:Another place that you can´t miss is the Paredones de Cantalloc, this archaeological complex belonging to the Inca culture, is located only 3 kilometers from Nazca. It is made up of numerous rooms and patios from which some remains can be seen. This place was of great importance for the Incas due to its strategic location, it was a commercial and administrative communication point between the coastal region and other areas of the country.
  5. paredones de cantalloc

  6. The Chauchilla cemetery and its open-air graves:One of the most surprising places in Nazca is the Chauchilla cemetery.This necropolis corresponds to the pre-Inca period, and is known because its mummies are in perfect condition, you can even see hair and skin in some of them.
  7. mumyof chauchilla

  8. Excursion and sandboarding in Duna Grande:If you like sandboarding and you enjoy exploring a good dune, you cannot miss an excursion to the famous Duna Grande or also known as Duna La Marcha. This dune is the highest in all of Peru and the second highest in the world. It is located only 25 kilometers from the city of Nazca.

Don´t miss the opportunity to visit Nazca, a very interesting place, full history and a rich cultural legacy. If you want to know about other places to visit near Lima go click here in our very informative blog about that topic.

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