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Cotopaxi Volcano Ecuador Hop

Ecuador Hop Begins Service

We have been longtime fans of Peru Hop, an excellent bus company which brings travelers to top attractions and off-the-beaten-track hidden gems throughout Peru. This company runs a type of service that is known as a “hop on hop off” bus. The idea is that you buy a pass for a particular route ( Lima […]

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maria reiche archaeologist nazca lines enthusiast

Maria Reiche – A Nazca Lines Enthusiast!

Maria Reiche Maria Reiche was a German-born Peruvian Mathematician and more importantly, an enthusiastic archaeologist. Born in 1903, she was fascinated by the mysterious Nazca Lines and made it her life’s work to investigate them in the hope of learning all she could about the famous geoglyphs. Maria Reiche had a significant part to play […]

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